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Pins ® is mostly specialised on using copper and brass as a crude material, but pins and medals made of silver, gold plating, and iron is also possible. We mould the materials according to our clients’ needs and designs.

Lapel Pins

Production of lapel pins starts with making a reverse mould which is used to  stamp out the blanks. Hollow parts on the blanks will be filled with enamel colours, to form the wanted design. We cover the whole Pantone Coated book. After adding the colours, it is possible to add an additional layer of protective epoxy coating, which protects the colours and leaves a beautiful glossy finish.

Fridge Magnets

We are able to produce fridge magnets using similar techniques as stamped pins and also using PVC material, which includes offset print. We can make every presented design work according to our clients’ needs.

Nike Noorte Sügisjooks Tallinn 2022.jpg


Since 2007 we started producing medals. Now it is also possible to order medal ribbons with colors and patterns requested by the client. Additionally you can order customized giftboxes for medals.

Tiebars and cufflinks

We will find the best solution to produce tiebars and cufflinks with your designs. We have a selection of tiebar and cufflink templates to choose from where your logo etc will be added.

Graphic Design and Print

Since 2011 we provide different print media solutions. We will find the best solution to your needs together. Our graphic designer will make the suitable designs and pre-print production. You can order your business cards, letterheads, packaging solutions etc. from Pins®


We are experienced in making forgings since 1989. We design, produce and install  forged fences, gates and other bulky objects. Designs will be made by noted Estonian metal artists.

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